Land Alive Kettle Corn is the Midwest's Original Kettle Corn - Made In Nebraska.
Pure-all-natural-melt-in-your-mouth- can't-put-the-bag-down, Land Alive™ Kettle Corn.

Wanna sell Land Alive™ in your store? Sure thing, here's how.

Add a little happiness to your day with Land Alive Kettle Corn.

Land Alive™Kettle Corn is the Midwest's Original Kettle Corn™

Land Alive™ Kettle Corn is brought to you by Nebraska based Land Alive™ Foods Inc, a family owned company with lots of kettle corn moxie. We have been popping kettle corn since 1994 at all kinds of festivals and events. We are excited to introduce our popular kettle corn to store shelves across the Midwest.

Kettle corn is such a happy food, we're super excited to add a little happiness to your family time with Land Alive™ Kettle Corn. Look for our kettle corn on your grocery store shelf. Don't see it? No worries! HERE IS A REQUEST FORM for your local grocery store manager.

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